Oh Hey! 

My name is Elizabeth Henstridge, I'm an actress and director. I was lucky enough to play Jemma Simmons on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD for seven seasons [🤯]. Having wrapped the show, I'm now working on other projects but my love for the superhero universe and everything it can represent is still very much alive!! 

I host a weekly YouTube and Podcast called, Live With Lil. Each week I watch an episode of Agents of SHIELD and invite people who worked on it, from in front and behind the camera, to watch along with me [and you!]. Like an instagram bts post in real time, we get the juicy inside info, the unfiltered journey of how these professionals got to where they are and how you could do it too!

My aim is to demystify the industry, helping to make it more inclusive whilst creating the space to encourage every fan and viewer to pursue their dreams! 

This clothing line hopes to do the same, we want to create a space for you to express yourself; to have F.U.N. with the clothes you wear, to feel G.R.E.A.T. and to belong. 

I have a mild* obsession for matching with people, my fiancé [Zachary Burr Abel] and I travel in matching sweats, and I love buying double of my fav clothing items to give to a bestie - it makes me feel energized, part of a team and honestly it's just soooew fun!

This clothing line has been in the werks for a whiiiile and I'm SO HAPPY it's finally here - I hope you love it as much as me!! 

Lots of love, 

Elizabeth aka Lil aka Jemma Simmons xxx

*okay, it's not so mild